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Minburi Market

Minburi market

This market has developed from the old one, trading along the Sansab canal, Saamwa canal and Tonnoon canal. Now a day this the architectures value of this place registered as a historic site because it established for over 60 years on 10 rai area with lots varieties of locals foods such as Linfah leaf, Bung leaf, snakehead fish, frog, etc. And items needed for agriculture and commerce.

It is a top ten whole sale and retail sale in the country. The market starting from 2 am till 8 pm everyday. You can call a sleepless market and it is the only market conserved the traditional Thai way of living. 

 Distance from Bussaba Bangkok Hotel : 8 km

 Getting there : Taxi (10-15 mins/THB 80-100)

 Opening Times : Daily - 2.00-20.00




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