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Crocodile Farm and Zoo


Crocodile Farm and Zoo 

The Crocodile Farm was built in 1950 as Thailand's first crocodile farm. It is now the world's largest crocodile farm. It is situated at Tambon Tai Ban, 3 kilometres from Samut Prakan town. The farm has over 60,000 crocodiles of different kinds in various pits.

Daily shows feature catching crocodiles bare-handed. Shows take place every hour from 09.00-17.00., except at noon; additional shows at 12.00 and 17.00 on holidays.

Feeding time is between 16.30 - 17.30. Another star attraction for visitors is the elephant show of which performances are held daily every hour from 09.30 -16.30.

Furthermore, you can see tigers, chimpanzees, and other animals such as gibbons, turtles, boa constrictors, pythons, birds, camels, hippopotamuses, and of various species of fishes.

There is even a Dinosaur Museum which has on display life-size models and skeletons of more than 13 kinds of dinosaurs and also features a multi-vision slide presentation on man and prehistoric animals. 



  Location: 555 Moo 7, Taiban Road, Tambon Taiban,   Samutprakarn  Tel. 02 703 4891-5, 02 703 5144-8

  Distance from Bussaba Bangkok Hotel: 40 km

  Getting there: Taxi (40-50 mins/THB 300-350)

  Opening Times: Daily 8.00-18.00

  Admission Fee: THB 300 







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